About Me

My name is Tree Pruitt. Creating crafts, paintings, and collecting magical mysterious old objects have been life long interests of mine. Since childhood I've enjoyed using things that I'd find to create my own unique expressions.

I was a PBS baby born into the smelting pot of 1970's America where Acid Rock ruled, the Cold War was chilling us, Caulder was still hanging around, and Yoko had already said 'yes'. Crafting at home was getting hot while I was growing up, and art seemed to be everywhere; I soaked up everything that I could! I taught myself to draw and paint. I like things that are curious and to create things that invoke curiosity; most are inspired by ancient art and spirituality.

I've studied fine art, anthropology, and the occult for over 30 years, leading me to focus much of my crafting time on ritual tool making; Wood wands for magick and ceremonial meditation rattles are my areas of specialty where I often enjoy using primitive North American methods pre-dating the 1900's with my own interpretation of style. I follow the lead of what I feel I am guided to create, and offer many of those items for sale for others to enjoy. Being so ruled by the Muse, my hand crafted offerings change on a regular basis, never being mass produced. I only craft spiritual magickal items when in a positive ritual mind set, and proper basic Moon phase.

 Explore the Magic
I have a special site called Witch Whats, where you can shop for magic related items. You can also explore more of the magical and mysterious side of life by visiting the Witch Whats blog http://www.witchwhats.com/ and following Witch Whats on Twitter @WitchWhats and Facebook

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