Curio Box Assemblage Art Filled With Natural and Man Made / Comparative Nature

Found objects combine within a lidded curio box to create unique small wall art that compares one thing to another in form under the general theme of motion, including spirals, whether it be natural or man-made... a comparative nature sure to offer viewers with much to contemplate. The background is a collage of reproduction vintage mail, postmarks, and stamps. The piece is wired for easy hanging and has protective bumpers on the back.
Work title: Comparative Nature
Artist: Tree Pruitt
Size: 7 7/8" tall x 12" wide x 2" deep.
Medium: Assemblage curio box
Year: 2015/16
There are many objects in this curio collection box including...
*Upper Left:
Paper Wasp nest,
Petoskey fossil stone,
Garden snail shell,
Green insect (Nezara viridula, or green vegetable bug),
Raw Azurite stone fragment
Fragment of antique China with gold accents and scalloped edge
*Lower Left:
Miniature framed mirror,
Chrysanthemum flower carved from an Ash wood stick,
Turritella (tower screw) sea shell
Vintage taxidermy alligator foot ( that sort of looks as if it's "flipping the bird")
Dried poppy flower pod
*Center Top Row:
Squirrel sculpted walnut shell
Porous white stone
Jewel like shard of melted beach glass
*Center Second Row:
Vintage resin wild rabbit figurine
Vintage miniature basket
Quartz crystal point with iron oxide (from Montana, USA)
*Center Third Row:
Turkey Tail, a tree bracket fungus
Tip of a scalloped sea shell
Fragment of antique China with gold accents
A bird's eye Jasper stone
Jasper stone with a grey spiral shape
Polished Cowrie shell (sea shell)
Garden snail shell
Raw Azurite stone fragment
*Center Bottom Row:
Fragment of antique China with scalloped edge
natural pumice stone
Deer teeth
*Upper Right:
Dried garter snake
Paper butterfly cut-out
Old rusty big head roofing nail
Vintage guitar key
Portion of an antique threaded wood peg from a telegraph pole
Vintage brass key
*Lower Right:
Heart shaped stone with the word "Nature" written in pencil
Small vintage glazed stoneware bird figurine
Dried poppy flower pods

Thank you for taking the time to read and look -- I hope you enjoyed your visit


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